School Uniforms

School Uniforms

Wearing the school uniform enables the students and school maintain a high standard of dress.

The uniform shop is open every Tuesday morning at 8:30am to 9.30am and is cash only.  The order form can be downloaded by clicking on the below button.

Uniforms consists of:
Purple school polo shirt 
Choice of either black shorts, black skorts, black skirt or black pants
Closed in shoes. We ask that the day that your child has sport scheduled, that they are wearing appropriate footwear eg: sneakers to participate fully.

A Hat is compulsory and we have a rule in place that is:


Please ensure your child brings a hat to school everyday.


There are three sports factions: Yellow, Green and Red. Children are allocated to factions, on the basis of maintaining equal numbers of children in each faction for each age group where possible.  Siblings are allocated to the same faction.



Principal: Ms Lee Pereira 

Deputy Principal: Ms Adeline Monaghan

Deputy Principal: Mrs Julie Rose

Manager Corporate Services:
Mrs Janice Bentley

School Officer: Mrs Debbie Edwards

1 Weaver Place
South Hedland WA 6722

Telephone: 08 9172 7272