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2024 Classrooms

Turner 1 - Mrs Sheena Chaplin

Our Kindergarten program operates 5 days per fortnight. 3 days 1 week, 2 days alternate week all year. We have 1 Kindergarten classroom in which children are exposed to a balanced program which promotes important social and emotional skills whilst also developing early maths, speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

In a carefully planned learning environment, your child experiences many different learning activities. These include cutting, painting, gluing, drawing, dressing up, sand play, climbing, storytelling, singing, dancing, exploring and social activities such as making new friends.


The social and emotional development of your child is a very important part of planned learning. Their teacher plans activities and encourages them to be involved so they become successful learners, team players, good problem solvers and creative thinkers who enjoy challenges. Another focus in Kindergarten is on language and literacy.


Your child develops an early understanding of letters, sounds and words; as well as how pictures can tell stories, how written words can be read, and how spoken sounds can be written down.


Learning about maths and numeracy is also a key part of Kindergarten. Your child learns about numbers and shapes, counting, measuring and the many different ways maths is used in our daily lives.


Teachers take into account children’s experiences and backgrounds to make sure learning programs are targeted to meet their individual needs.

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