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2024 Classrooms

Gascoyne 3 - Miss Emma Huges
Gascoyne 4 - Miss Michelle Perry
Gascoyne 5 - Mr Sean Halligan
Gascoyne 6 - Mrs Tina Wilkinson

As a team, we believe all children deserve the opportunity to develop and achieve in a safe and welcoming environment. In our classrooms, students are scientists, authors, explorers, thinkers, readers and creators.



We focus on developing the necessary skills that are required to read and write. Through the Letters and Sounds, MiniLit (intervention program) and Heggerty programs we will be working on building student knowledge of sounds, blending sounds together to read words and sounding out to write words. Students will use a range of decodable texts to develop their ability to read both in the classroom and at home with Home Readers. We will be using the Science of Reading to develop students sentence structure, use of punctuation and their understanding of a range of text types.



In Numeracy, we implement the Top 10 program which focuses on hands-on learning with the use of a range of manipulatives. This program covers the main operations in mathematics – place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Throughout the year, we also focus on teaching students measurement, geometry, chance and data. Students also participate in daily revision through number writing, mental maths and warm-ups.


Students also participate in specialist classes; Science, Humanities and Social Science, Physical Education, Health, Art, Digital Technologies and Indonesian.


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