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2023 Specialist Teaching and Learning

Science and Digital Technologies - Miss Stacey Smith

At South Hedland Primary School, students from Years 1 - 6 participate in Science and Technology in a purpose built science laboratory. Through the Education Department Science Laboratory upgrade program we also received a grant to ensure students have the resources to study and explore scientific knowledge and understanding of the world. This allows students to develop skills in conducting scientific investigations and designing and producing solutions through learning about the Living World, Material World, Physical World, Earth and Space science.


Through partnerships with Polly Farmer Programs run at the school and grants we have been able to upgrade and develop our technology department to engage students in Technology. Technology has become an integral part of our everyday lives. For this reason, technology is integrated in to all learning areas and every age group of education at South Hedland Primary School. Technology is used daily within classrooms with interactive and engaging iPad integrated activities using Seesaw along with other applications. Technological concepts are taught through design and digital technology.


South Hedland Primary School focuses on a cross-curriculum approach between Science and Technology using problem based activities to support engagement and involvement in real world problems. During Year 6 Earth and Space Science studies students investigate natural disasters and use Minecraft Education Edition (M:EE) to respond to an Australian Bushfire. Students across all year levels develop coding skills through a range of engaging and meaningful online and offline experiences. The learn to code by creating algorithms to operate simple robots, by creating code for a robotic simulation of a haul truck being loaded using Micro:Bits and by playing a round of golf using Spheros. Our focus for Science and Technology is to expose students to engaging and meaningful challenges to develop critical thinking skills and to build resilience. Engagement in Science and Technology simply requires a creative idea and a willingness to continue regardless of setbacks, as first you have to learn from errors or mistakes before success can be achieved.

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