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2024 Classrooms

DeGrey 4, DeGrey 5 and DeGrey 6 - Composite Year 3/4 Classrooms

DeGrey 4 - Miss Chelsea Silvasi 
DeGrey 5 - Mrs Leonie McEwan 
DeGrey 6 - Mr Thomas Vickridge 

As a school, we teach using the explicit instruction model, which breaks down concepts and skills into guided practice, collaborative practice and independent practice.



For literacy, we have different areas that we focus on, including phonics, reading comprehension, vocabulary and writing. We approach literacy using the whole school approach that uses evidence based teaching strategies taken from the Science of Reading. Below is some more information about what students are learning in each area of literacy.


Phonics: In Phonics, we use ‘streamed’ classrooms, which means students are grouped to their levels and are learning to read and write in their area of need. The program we use for phonics is Letters and Sounds.


Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary: Each week, students are read rich texts that are in relation to the text type they are studying in writing. Students develop reading comprehension skills, as well as learning new vocabulary that come from the rich text they are read.


Writing: In Writing, students are exposed and taught to write different text structures. In Term One, students focused on the beginning of narratives. In Term Two, students focused on writing a persuasive text. In Term Three students will be writing the middle of a narrative and an information report, while in Term Four students will be finishing the ending of a narrative and a non-fiction explanation.



In Numeracy, students are explicitly taught strategies to problem solve, use mental maths strategies and consolidate concepts included in Mathematics. We implement the Origo program for Mathematics that covers the main operations in mathematics – place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Students are also exposed to measurement, geometry, algebra and data. Students also have the opportunity to practice mental maths strategies each day using a dedicated mental maths time and through the use of our maths warm ups.

Students also participate in specialist classes; Indonesian, STEM, Technologies, Humanities and Social Science, Physical Education, Health, Science and Art.

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