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2023 Specialist Teaching and Learning

PE and Health - 

The Physical Education program at South Hedland Primary School teaches students how to experience a healthy, active and fulfilling lifestyle as well as contribute positively to the community.

The lower primary program (kindergarten to year 3) focuses on the development and progression of Fundamental Movement Skills. Students are explicitly taught movement skills and participate in a range of physical activities and games to develop competence and confidence in these skills which they can later apply to more advanced sports.


The fundamental movement skills to be developed through Health and Physical Education include:

  • locomotor and non-locomotor skills — rolling, balancing, sliding, jogging, running, leaping, jumping, hopping, dodging, galloping and skipping

  • object control skills — bouncing, throwing, catching, kicking, striking.

In upper primary (Year 4-6), students learn about how the body moves; how to approach and resolve challenges; how to optimise movement performance; and the benefits of physical activity to themselves, others, and their communities.

Throughout the year, students are provided with the opportunity to showcase these skills at a number of intra/interschool events including; swimming, athletics, hockey, and Lightning Carnivals. At South Hedland Primary School, we pride ourselves on our sportsmanship and enthusiasm to be physically active on a regular basis.

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