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Regular attendance at school is vital to ensuring children receive a good education that gives them the best opportunities for future success. All school-aged children are required to attend school every day.

Absentee Explanations


It is an Education Department requirement that all absences of students are explained. 

There are a number of ways to notify the school of a student absence.

  • Audiri App - Complete an Absentee eForm

  • Written note/email

  • Phone call to the school - 9172 7272

  • Seesaw - Private message to the teacher

  • Responding to a school Text Message regarding an absence. Our school based messaging system automatically messages the families of students who are recorded as having an unexplained absence, firstly on the day of the absence and again 8 days later if a reason is not provided.

It is appreciated if families notify the school in advance of any planned absences so that the correct information can be recorded for the student and families do not get unnecessary reminders and notifications regarding attendance. 

Leaving Early/Arriving Late


Children who arrive at school later than 8.30am, are required to go to the front office for a "Late Note' which they will need to give to their classroom teacher.

If your  child or children are absent for part of the day (eg: arrive or leave late due to sickness or appointment) parents are asked to sign in/out your child at the front office using the  sign in/sign out iPad that will print a slip for you to give to their teacher when picking them up. This will need to be done for each child leaving early from school. Parents who arrive at classrooms without a printed early leaver/late arrival slip will be redirected to the office. 

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