Regular attendance at school is vital to ensuring children receive a good education that gives them the best opportunities for future success. All school-aged children must go to and attend school every day.



It is an Education Department requirement that all absences of students are explained. Please assist us by sending a note, an email, filling out the eform on the Skoolbag App (the app can be downloaded from the App Store by searching the app store using our school name) or by phoning the school office explaining the reason your child is absent.  A medical certificate is required if there a number of consecutive days. 

Leaving Early/Arriving Late


Children who arrive at school later than 9:00am, are required to go to the front office for a "Late Note' which they will need to give to their classroom teacher.

If your  child or children are absent for part of the day (eg: sickness, appointment) parents are asked to sign out your child from the front office using the  sign in/sign out iPad that will print a slip for you to give to their teacher when picking them up. This will need to be done for each child leaving early from school.


Children who arrive later than 9am will also be required to go the front office for a 'Late Note' which they will need to give to their classroom teacher. 

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Principal: Ms Lee Pereira 

Deputy Principal: Ms Adeline Monaghan

Deputy Principal: Mrs Julie Rose

Manager Corporate Services:
Mrs Janice Bentley

School Officer: Mrs Debbie Edwards

1 Weaver Place
South Hedland WA 6722

Telephone: 08 9172 7272