2022 Specialist Teaching and Learning

Art and Music - Mrs Stephanie Annal

At South Hedland Primary School, students from Pre Primary-Year 6 participate in Art classes for one hour a week. Students are engaged in the visual arts by developing their skills and processes. Learning in Visual Arts involves the students making and responding to artworks as they view, manipulate, reflect on, analyse, enjoy, appreciate and evaluate their own and others’ visual artworks.

South Hedland Primary School encourages their students to reflect critically on their own experiences and respond to the work of artists. In 2021, Year 5-6 students visited the Spinifex Hill Studio, Hedland’s only Indigenous art collective. It was a unique opportunity to view the artworks of local Elders from eight different language groups. The students attended two workshops and learnt how to develop practical and critical understanding of the artwork of artists, as well as engage audiences and communicate their meaning.

Our Visual Arts program involves students making representations of their ideas and intended meanings in different forms. The students developed knowledge, understanding and skills as they learn and apply techniques and processes using materials to achieve their intentions in two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) design concepts. In particular, Pre-primary created bubble art works and added silhouette designs to create the desired effect.

In Semester Two, the Year 3-4 students were introduced to painting techniques and they experimented with overlaying and detailing. They learnt perspective gallery geometrical designs which further developed into the works of the Masters Picasso and Van Gogh. Through the investigation of the lives and artworks of these famous artists, their translation skills and critical thinking were developed.