KindiLink a exciting program at South Hedland Primary School for 0 to 3 year old Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. Children and their parents or caregivers are be able to attend our KindiLink ‘play and learn sessions’ on twice per week with transport available if required.

Days: Tuesday and Thursday

Times: 9am-12pm


Our KindiLink teacher and Aboriginal Islander Education Officer are committed to working alongside our families to support them as their child's first and ongoing educator; valuing the learning that families and communities provide at home.


Natalie Bandarage
KindiLink Teacher



Principal: Ms Lee Pereira 

Deputy Principal: Mrs Julie Rose

Deputy Principal: Ms Adeline Monaghan

Manager Corporate Services:
Mrs Janice Bentley

School Officer: Mrs Debbie Edwards

1 Weaver Place
South Hedland WA 6722

Telephone: 08 9172 7272


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